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How to Set Up Email Account with Microsoft Outlook 2010
  How to Set Up Email Account with Microsoft Outlook 2010    [ 19/04/2013 ]

1. Go to File Menu
    Access to Info -> Add Account

    Choose Manually Configure server settings or additional server types -> Next

    Choose Internet E-Mail -> Next

2. Internet E-Mail Setting

    User Infomation
    Your Name: Enter your name, that will be used for the "From" field in outgoing mail.
    E-mail Address: Enter your email address.

    Server Infomation
    Account Type: Choose which mail protocal to use for your incoming mail.

  1. POP3 will download emails from the server and store them on your computer
  2. IMAP will cache emails on your computer but store them on ther server. This can be useful as you are able to access the e-mails using the webmail or mobile device.

  3. Incoming mail server: Enter mail.(your domain name) e.g.
    Outgoing mail server: Outgoing mail server is the same as the incoming mail server

    Logon Infomation
    Username: Enter your full email address
    Password: Create your password.

    Click More Settings ...
    Go to Outgoing Server tap -> Checkbox at My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication -> Choose Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

    Go to Advanced tap -> On Delivery box, checkbox to leave a copy of message on ther server and enter amount the day to removing the message after you get it into your computer..

    Click Ok -> Next
    Your account infomation will be verified.

3. Email Account has been successfully created.

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